Welcome to the german capital BERLIN!!

If you visit berlin,
it would be a really nice experience for you to take a look at
the japanese restaurant UDAGAWA.

Usually, thinking of germany, beer & sausage come to one's mind. But the table of international metropolis offers fine food from all over the world as well.
At UDAGAWA, one of the finest japanese restaurants in berlin, invite you to indulge in the worldwide famous japanese cuisine.

Our specialty is seafood of high quality, like meditarranean tuna fish, perch, turbot and many others(sushi, tempura, sukiyaki etc.)

We accept credit cards(VISA, MASTER) as well as EC-Card.

tel.(030) 792 23 73
fax(030) 797 25 84
Feuerbachstraße 24
12163 Berlin
opening hours17.30-22.30
closing daytuesday