Nigiri sushi of today (rice and piece of raw fish on top formed in palm)
was offered the first time in 19th century on the street in Edo, old Tokyo.
You can't think of Japanese cooking without sushi.
It includes beside raw fish rice in vineger, vegetables tofu, egg
and other ingredients such as horse radish(wasabi) and soy sauce.
Maki sushi(in seaweed wrapped rice with various fillings) is also
a common form for sushi.


sushi plate with a variety of nigiri sushi


sushi plate of special selection


10 pieces and 1 roll


assorted sliced raw fish on rice seasoned with vinegar

Of course you can choose what comes on your plate while you pick up from our sushi a la carte


Sashimi will be served with a dip of soy sauce and horse radish (wasabi).

Sashimi means "raw fish" and is one of the most beloved
and exquisite dishes.
So convince yourself that sashimi can also taste more familiar
than you might think

Otsumami Sashimi---------13,00EUR

for starter (a small portion)

Sashimi Moriawase-------18,00EUR

(a small portion)

Shake-Maguro Sashimi-28,00EUR

combination of salmon and tuna


salmon only

Maguro Sashimi-----------18,00EUR

tuna only

Sashimi Deluxe------------35,00EUR

a large portion of sashimi


price in Jan. 2016